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What is Table2Clipboard

If you want to paste data in Microsoft Excel on OpenOffice Calc with correct disposition simply use Table2Clipboard

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We are migrating dafizilla to github

Whats new on latest version v1.5.3.1 (download now!)
Publish date 06 Aug 2011

[Usage] - Extension adds two menu items, one in Edit menu and the other one on context menu.
The item on Edit menu is always visible but grayed if no table cells are selected.
The item on context menu is visible only when table cells are selected.
To select table cells you must hold down Control key and click on cells to copy.
Shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+C) is available and shown only on Edit menu, this may change on different locales

Full Changelog

[New] - Copy original table styles (colors, borders, text alignments).
Full support on Microsoft products, partial support on OpenOffice products

[New] - Allow to filter attributes to include in output read more at HTML Attributes Filters

[Fix] - v1.5.3.1 is identical to v1.5.3, only bumped version number for Thunderbird

[Fix] - Bug 3287496 - Copy all Tables" menuitem from Edit menu doesn't work

[Fix] - Bug 3288139 - Copy all Tables shortcut conflicts with standard commands