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What is ViewSourceWith

ViewSourceWith is an addon compatible with many mozilla applications.

The main goal allows users to open (and in some cases edit) page source with external applications but you can also...

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ViewSourceWith contributors

Here you find the people partecipating to ViewSourceWith

Code & Graphics

Mac OSX test Johannes Dollinger & ams

Unicode fixes Kurusu Mitsuaki 来栖光明

Temp files fixes Achim Seufert

Cool icons Roccobot from extenzilla

TB and Mozilla beta testing Matthew DiGiorgi special thanks

Page server beta testing Doug Kramer special thanks

External edit design enhancement Michael Lehenbauer "youngoat" thanks for great support

Mac OSX test and great debug help Steve Huston & Leigh Koven

Graphic art Claude Lespagnol 'efdur'


france by Goofy
spain by Carlos from Proyecto Nave, many thanks to Carlos to continue the work started by Jarol®
polish by Damian Szczepanik many thanks to Damian to continue the work started by Pawel Kata
japan by Kurusu Mitsuaki 来栖光明
chinese traditional by Kai-Chieh Ku
brazilian portuguese by Fernando Pereira Silveira
german by Oliver Roth "ReinekeFux"
russian by Timur Timirkhanov "TLemur" many thanks to TLemur to continue the work started byAlexey Gubanov "Ragnaar"
dutch by Asterxx & NegnuD
czech by Ales Petrovicky
spanish-argentina by R. Nicolás López aka MorZilla
Chinese simplified by Lei Qing
turkish by Batuhan Çetin
slovak by rony
Azeri by Fərhad Yunisov
by Finn Sørensen "AlleyKat"
by Pedram Veisi
by Krcko
by Samuel Murray (leuce)
by Mikes Kaszmán István
by Karol Ptasinski
by BlastSound