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What is MoreKomodo

MoreKomodo is an extension for KomodoEdit.

It adds some features useful for text editor users and developers.

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MoreKomodo in action

Tab menu: Click on editor tab to see new file operations

Tab menu

Favorites toolbar: You can access to favorites using the toolbar button

Favorites dialog: You can add new directories or files to favorites

Favorites dialog

Find/Replace Favorites: You can add find/replace settings to favorites

Favorite and Remote Files: You can access to favorites from Remote File Dialog

Favorite and Remote Files Browsing

Sort dialog: You can sort entire document or selected text

Sort dialog

Last modified file time: You can see the modified time on statusbar

Last modified statubar

Last modified preferences: You can customize time format

Find file results: You can open found files with a click, refresh (find again) the search, copy the filenames and/or strings

Find file results

Find file results: You can copy only selected items from context menu

Find file results and context menu

Find file results: every find operation done by user is available from history

Unicode Table, select characters to insert from the Unicode tables

Unicode Table

Hex Dump, dump a file in hexdecimal

Hex Dump