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What is MoreKomodo

MoreKomodo is an extension for KomodoEdit.

It adds some features useful for text editor users and developers.

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MoreKomodo key bindable functions list

Clipboard - Append (Preserve Current Content)
Clipboard - Copy View Directory Path
Clipboard - Copy View File Name
Clipboard - Copy View Full Path
Clipboard - Cut (Preserve Current Content)
Clipboard - Paste HTML Source Code
Convert - Capitalize
Convert - DOS to Unix Separators
Convert - Double DOS Separator (for escaping)
Convert - HTML Decode Entitites
Convert - HTML Encode Entities
Convert - HTML Encode Entities as Numeric
Convert - Remove Double DOS Separator
Favorites - Show Dialog...
File - Backup
File - Delete
File - Move
File - Rename
File - Show in File Manager
Sort - Show Dialog...
View - Lock Editing