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What is InstallTimeOut

Allow to change the install extensions/themes timeout.
Many developers and testers install many time extensions/themes and wait the timeout before click on 'Install' button, but this delay can be an annoying task.
Using this extension you can change timeout (decreasing or increasing it) or install bypassing the dialog.

We are migrating dafizilla to github

Whats new on latest version v0.0.2 (download now!)
Publish date 11 May 2006

- This extension should be considered a security hack because it changes the install confirmation policy.
Please use it with care and pay attention to what you install.
The primary audience for this extension are developers and testers.
Testers generally use dumb profiles so security risks are reduced for them.

[New] - Compatible with SongBird thanks to risushikyo

[Fix] - Compatible with Nightly Tester Tools

Localization - france  French translation by Goofy
polish  Polish translation by Damian Szczepanik
brazilian portuguese  Brazilian portuguese translation by Rodrigo Bergmann Laurindo
german  German translation by Oliver Roth "ReinekeFux"
spain  Spanish translation by srxo1978
Chinese simplified  Chinese simplified translation by Carlos Olivera "fang5566"
russian  Russian translation by Timur Timirkhanov (TLemur)