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What is HideUpdate

This Firefox 1.5 (or above) extension allows you to show/hide available updates for selected extensions.
It is also possibile to quicky see extensions not updatable.
Hidden extensions became not updateable.
All options are accessible using context menu from Extension Manager window dialog.

We are migrating dafizilla to github

Whats new on latest version v0.0.2 (download now!)
Publish date 01 January 2006

[Greetings] - This extension borns from a Robert Martucci's idea and I'm only the coder.
Thanks to Robert Martucci for idea, support, testing and this web site realization help.

[New] - Now when you hide an extension you also disable it.
If new versions became available they are ignored and not installed

Localization - france  French translation by La Luciole
spain  Spanish translation by Carlos from Proyecto Nave
polish  Polish translation by Damian Szczepanik
russian  Russian translation by Timur Timirkhanov (TLemur)
turkish  Turkish translation by Batuhan Çetin
slovak  Slovak translation by SlovakSoft
brazilian portuguese  Brazilian portuguese translation by teboga
german  German translation by Oliver Roth "ReinekeFux"
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