DafiZilla: Creating an empty profile
Mozilla based applications allow to create many profiles and quicky switch between them.
This is useful to test new extensions without "damage" the main profile.
When a test profile is no more necessary its directory on disk can be deleted safely.
The informations show below are applicable to
 Firefox versions 1.0-1.5
 Thunderbird versions 1.0-1.5
 Flock versions 1.0-1.0
The new profile don't alter or damage the existing one.
Obviously the new profile must be created on a directory different from the main one
  1. Create a new directory where you want for example c:\test_dir
  2. Determine where is the firefox executable
    1. right click on firefox icon and choose 'Properties' menu item, the destination field contains the path (generally c:\program files\firefox\firefox.exe)
  3. Now open command dos prompt
  4. Close any application open window (eg Firefox/Thunderbird)
  5. Type "c:\program files\firefox\firefox.exe" -profile c:\test_dir and press enter
  6. Note the quotes if path contains whitespaces (program file)
  7. Now a clean firefox/thunderbird is started, your bookmark and all installed extensions are not present no worry your informations are always present and accessible on your hard disk
  8. Install extension to test
  9. Close application
  10. Restart always as described above
  11. Now you can use the extension as normally
  12. To return to use your old setup you simply must run firefox from icon as usual matter before obviously you must close any firefox window
  13. You can delete the directory c:\test_dir because our test is finished