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What is Dafizilla

Dafizilla is a resources repository for Mozilla developers and users

Welcome to Dafizilla

Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Flock, Songbird

Externalize Extract strings from xml and javascript files to simplify localization process
RichScrollbar Add to add to application scrollbars some buttons to simplify common scrolling operations
RichFeedButton Add a button in navigation bar to copy feed URLs to clipboard
PluginChecker Check at application startup if plugins are installed without user permission
SpellBySite Who uses more than one spell checker dictionary can automatically switch it based on visited web site URL
Table2Clipboard Allow to copy to clipboard an HTML table rows/columns selection correctly formatted
ViewSourceWith Allow you to open source page with your preferred editor

KomodoEdit and KomodoIDE

ColorTab Allows to color Komodo view tabs by user defined path patterns
MoreKomodo Enhances ActiveState's KomodoEdit
Klint Klint (Komodo lint) enhances KomodoEdit lint
TabSwitcher Simplify switch between tab editor buffers

Web Apps

Komodo LangPack Builder Creare Komodo XPI langpack using Babelzilla localizations
Songbird LangPack Builder Creare Songbird XPI langpack using Babelzilla localizations


Create a profile How to create a clean profile
Info My Stuff info
MakeTemplate ANT script to create a new extension development environment